Andrew McAllister

LIUNA member since 2006. Instructor since April of 2013. Andrew has experience with grade checking, excavation, asphalt (planing, removal, resurfacing, new construction), pipework (storm sewer, under drain), and stonework. His curriculum will be with the “A” classes and Advanced classes. He will also be teaching safety classes, equipment operations, commercial vehicle, and various other classes as needed. Andrew spent 4 years in the United States Marine Corps, and is a member of Local 480 in Sandusky, Ohio. He has been an ANSI-certified Instructor since June of 2015. He also holds the position of Senior Instructor and Information Technology (IT) Support Specialist.

Dan Davis

LIUNA member since 1993 and from Local 530 in Zanesville. Dan Davis joined the Instructor staff in November 2014. With his wide range of experience in Demolitions, Asbestos Abatement, Gas Pipeline Worker, Concrete Cutting/Placing, and Hazardous Waste, we felt he would be a definite asset to our team. The majority of his time in the Union, has been spent doing Traffic Control Supervisory our Ohio’s highways and byways. Dan will be teaching the “C” classes as well as other Flagging/Traffic Control classes and sharing the duties of all our Safety classes.

Ron Bowling

LIUNA member since 1988 and from Local 265 in Cincinatti. Ron Bowling joined the Instructor staff in January of 2015. Ron will be primarily teaching the “B” classes and help share the duties of our Safety classes. Ron has numerous years of experience in pipework, heavy highway, bridge work, building trades, and line and grade. He has also used GPS on many job sites and of course he has done his share of general construction. With his years of experience doing multiple tasks, Ron also brings with him 13 years of being a Steward for his Local.

Patrick Kokinda

LIUNA member since 2005. Patrick Comes from a family of laborers. His father (retired) and two brothers are all members. He started his construction career with grade checking and heavy highway, later he moved to the fields of abatement and demolition, as well as some time on the gas pipeline. Patrick joined the instructor staff in October of 2016. He will be teaching primarily the "A" series, "B" series, and Environmental classes.

Mike Kadas

Michael has been a LIUNA member since 2008 and became an instructor in February of 2017. He possesses a BA and MS from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Working primarily in the nuclear refuel and modification circuit throughout the United States, he brings a unique perspective to our diverse training staff. While in Cleveland, as a member of Local 310, his experiences include: asbestos abatement, laboring in the salt mines beneath Lake Erie, and steel mill work.

Scott Huck

LIUNA member since 2007, Scott started here at the Training Center back in February of 2017. He has experience in demolition, asbestos abatement, gas pipeline, mason tending, and carpenter tending. He is a current member of Local 639 in Marietta.

Chad Lewis

Chad Lewis, a LIUNA member since 2011, is from Local 83 in Portsmouth, Ohio. A graduate from the apprenticeship program in 2014, he has now joined the training center staff in the fall of 2017. Chad worked several years at the uranium enrichment facility in Piketon, Ohio, and also comes with a wide range of work experience from concrete cutting, grade checking, GPS layout, and installation of underdrain. He has worked in asbestos abatement, lead remediation and hazardous waste fields. Chad has held foreman positions and holds an associates degree in Project Management.

Anthony Strassell

Anthony is out of Local 1216 up in Mansfield and has been a Liuna member since 2011. He spent 7 years in the field with extensive experience in underground utility work that includes: storm and sanitary sewers, and water mains, before coming to work here at the Training Center in 2018. He also has experience with concrete work and excavations to include grade checking and equipment operations. He has been a foreman on several projects and is a military veteran. Being a married man and a father of three girls, Anthony loves the "family" aspect of the Laborers' Union.

Nick Santoro

Nick has been a Liuna member since 1993 and is out of Local 860 up in Clevenland, serving in capacities of Job Steward and Union Community Stewardship. He joined the Training Center instructor team in 2017. With his vast amount of experience in all aspects of mason tending and concrete work, he will be focusing primarily on the "B" classes. Nick also has experience in grade checking, GPS, gas pipeline, demolition, excavations, and environmental work. He carries certification in ATSSA Traffic Control and Rough Terrain Forklift.

Neil Prouty

Neil is out of Local 423 down in Columbus and started working at the Training Center in September of 2018. He has spent 20 years in the construction industry. His last company that he was with was Shelley & Sands where he was a paving foreman. His experience is in Asphalt, Site Prep, Resurfacing Programs, New Construction, Airport Runways, and Grade Checking. He will be teaching the "A" classes as well as some of the "C" classes.

Kyle Hughes

Kyle is out of Local 1216 up in Mansfield and started working at the Training Center in September of 2018. He has been a LIUNA member since 1996. He has experience in the paving industry where he was a foreman with Kokosing. He also has experience with Grade Checking, and Pipelaying. He will be teaching the "A" classes.

Mike Brobst

Mike is a second generation LiUNA member from Local 423, Columbus. Mike has been a member in good standing for 20 years. He has experience in building trades, utility installation and repair and dirt work. The last project he did was as a grade foreman on the I70-I71 split in Columbus. He has an understanding of shop drawings and blueprints including highway, pipe and building. Mike has been a part of projects that have used various lasers and GPS controls. Mike looks forward to being a part of training future Construction Craft Laborers.

Amie Sabatino

Amie has been a LIUNA member out of Local 860 in Cleveland, Ohio since 1995. She is a graduate of Cleveland State University and holds a BBA with a minor in accounting. The bulk of her field experience includes preparation and grade work for concrete roads, carpenter tending on bridges, and setting up work zones. She was hired on as an instructor in March 2019, and teaches the "A-series" classes, multiple OSHA courses, as well as the Construction Math classes (1, 2 & 3) - which she also developed. Her passion for learning and instructing will certainly expand to future categories in the curriculum.

Shane Caudell

Shane began his career with OLTC in early 2022. He primarily teaches our "B" series and "C" series classes, with a concentration of skillsets involving masonry and concrete work.

Shaun Durbin

Shaun is a 12-year-member of Local 894, has joined the OLTC staff as an instructor, just in time for the 2023-24 school season. Shaun is a former student of OLTC, and the University of Akron. His experience includes 8 years of being a foreman, during his 12 years with Kokosing Construction. Most of his laborer experience involves concrete, structural and bridge work – giving him plenty of expertise to offer students taking the C-series classes, among others. Shaun enjoys any time spent with his fiancé and two young sons (1 & 4), as well as any outdoor activities including kayaking, camping, and hunting.

Mike Bukos

Mike, of Laborer’s Local 758, has been a LIUNA member for 27 years. He was welcomed into OLTC as a new Instructor for the 2023-24 class session, starting with the A-series courses. Mike has acquired a multitude of skillsets in his years as a union laborer, his greater skills include grading, pressure pipe, pipe laying, pipe fusion, asphalt, and concrete. His last 9 years in the field, was with Ric-Man Construction, and resulted in the title of Superintendent, focused mostly on tunnel construction. In his free time, Mike enjoys hunting, any anything outdoors, especially if it involves him anywhere off-roading on his side-by-side.

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