Eligibility Requirements


Enrollment is limited to members of a Local of the Laborers’ International Union of North America in the Ohio Laborers’ Training and Upgrading Trust Fund, or employees of contributing contractors to this fund.To be eligible for attendance at any training program conducted by the “Fund”, an “employee” shall have had at least one (1) hours of contributions contributed on his or her behalf since February 1981, or have worked at least 40 hours within the immediate past five (5) years as an “employee” in the laborers industry as determined by Administrative Office’s records. If an “employee” can show evidence of contributions having been made on his or her behalf since the “Fund” was founded on June 13, 1968, he or she shall be eligible for training as herein provided.

Definition of Employee

Employees are defined in the Trust Agreement as follows: (a) an employee of an employer hereunder who is, or shall be, in a bargaining unit represented by the Union, and who works in the State of Ohio; (b) any employee of an employer hereunder who is, or shall be, a member of a bargaining unit represented by a Union which has , or shall have, in force an agreement with said employer requiring contributions to the Fund herein; and (c) such employees are covered by the Plan pursuant to the provisions of Article VII of the Trust. A person shall be deemed an “employee” hereunder while on layoff status from his prior employer provided that when employed by such employer he met the definition of employee hereunder, and in accordance with the rules and regulations adopted by the trustees and provided, further, that the individual remains readily available for work in the industry.

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