Tech Companies Choose Ohio for Business Expansion

Is Ohio Set to Host the Next Silicon Valley?

Is Ohio set to host “the New Silicon Valley?” Over the past three years, Central Ohio has been dubbed “the New Silicon Valley” of the Midwest following the announcements from Intel and other tech company’s decisions to build new operations and data centers in the area.  

Google was the first to choose Columbus as a home in 2019 with its $2 billion datacenter, which the company has since been committed to investing an additional $1.7 billion in. Intel followed Google in 2022 with the announcement of its plans to invest $20 billion to build a U.S. epicenter for advanced microchips. In 2023, Amazon announced that it would be building a $3.5 billion investment in data centers in Central Ohio. 

These projects have all been valuable to the state and have given immense opportunities to Laborers seeking long-term employment. None more so than Intel, which has been significant for Ohio, not only because of its large economic investment and project length but also its ability to draw new companies and investments in the state continually. Intel’s product input of microchips is continually growing in importance to the world for their use in phones and computers and their growing impact on modern technology, including cars. The economic and logistical advantage of being close to Intel and their products will only grow, hopefully bringing new businesses, buildings, and infrastructure to Ohio.  

We hope that these large-scale projects continue to bring long-term work to the area, benefiting the construction industry and Ohio Union Laborers. For individuals who are appointed to work on such projects, we encourage you to do your best to hold onto these positions and think long-term with your decisions.

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