Training Center Staff Updates

Recent Promotions

Matt Flynn – New Training & Apprenticeship Director 

Matt Flynn was promoted to Training and Apprenticeship Director in July 2023. Matt is a 4th generation Laborers’ Local 530 member in Zanesville, Ohio. He has been a member since 1993 and worked primarily in the asphalt, concrete, and masonry industries in his time in the field. Matt’s career at the Ohio Laborers’ Training Center began in the fall of 2006. Before his promotion, Matt faithfully served as an instructor for 17 years and taught a wide variety of training center classes as an ANSI-certified instructor (since 2014). Matt is an Ohio University graduate who earned his Bachelor of Science in exercise physiology in 1998.  

Recent Retirement Announcements

Carl Stevens – Retirement


Carl has been a fundamental member of the Drexel J. Thrash Training Center for the last 16 years teaching a wide range class. In his career as a Laborer, Carl did a variety of work including asphalt, bridges, and interior construction. When asked about some of his most memorable projects, Carl mentioned the various bridges he worked on in Columbus and the interior work he did on buildings, hospitals, and jailhouses with the Mingo Drywall company.   

The eventual closing of the Mingo Drywall company opened the door for Carl at a local union meeting where he saw an application on the board for new training instructors. The role was a great fit for Carl as he was already like an instructor in many ways, always teaching younger workers how to do tasks. Since he first began as a Training Instructor in 2006, Carl estimates he has taught 40 different courses at the school ranging from Field Rigging, Masonry, to Pipe Fusion and beyond. When ask what advice he would offer to instructors and members, Carl suggests for instructors, “Keep an open mind and defiantly be willing to go beyond your boundaries to experiment with new learning… The more you learn, the more variety you have with your teaching.” For apprentices, Carl suggests finding a good balance between work and family. “Find that right mixture. Work is important… but find time to be at home is too.”  

Dwight Hauger  – Retirement

Dwight, of Local 1216, has been in service for the Training Center since February of 1994. He has held the Lead Janitorial position for the school’s main campus, including (but not limited to) the responsibilities of maintaining Safety/ First Aid equipment for the center, maintaining Safety data/information on supplies, and the inventory/ordering of supplies. At almost 30 years of service, he is looking forward to spending more time with his only son, Grant. His hobbies gravitate towards his love of anything outside, including hiking all the state parks and being anywhere near or on the water. He plans to ” take full advantage of and enjoy my two new hips, and all the mobility I was once limited of.”

Dwight has quite a few things on his bucket list for retirement revolving around travel, including any scenic road trips or travel on the Amtrak. He hasn’t been to an ocean since, 2004-which will be one of the first priorities, and he foresees “a trip to the Montana Smokey Mountains.” He is also an avid bicyclist and plans on updating his TREK before “hitting some trails.”

When Dwight was asked,
“What made OLTC so fulfilling?” he replied: “I loved getting to know the company of my coworkers – making people laugh, and not take things too seriously; Making light of any situation.” 
His advice to OLTC: “Take care of your fellow coworkers. We spend more time with each other than most other people in our lives. Never take your job or the people you work with for granted.” 

New Staff Introductions

Teresa Burson – New Human Resources Manager

Teresa is a new addition to the OLTC Management team, joining in June 2023. As Human Resources Manager, Teresa will plan, direct and coordinate the administrative functions of OLTC and develop processes that structure and improve the employees’ success. The main focus is on developing and managing systems and processes to enable employees to do their job effectively. Teresa provides expertise in legal education as it pertains to human resources and construction as a certified paralegal, with education from Boston University and Columbus State Community College. She was a previous co-owner of a local union construction contractor, where she served as the Controller, Human Resources Manager, and Safety Director. She is also a member and serves on various boards – SHRM, OSC (BWC) Environmental Committee, Richland County Safety Council, and member of LiUNA Local 1216.


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