Training Center Staff Updates

New Staff Introductions

Pashie Colopy  – Food Service

Pashie, of Local 1216, joined our staff in September of 2023. Her fun and loving personality has been a welcome addition to our team, and her 15+ years of food service experience shines, including her position of lead Chef de partie, at Landolls“Cooking and feeding people is surely my happy place, she’s assured OLTC. Pashie is a mother of five, and also a grandmother of five rambunctious little ones. She enjoys attending any live sporting event or outside activity. She’s well known to be playing on her ATVs, camping, or anything including a bonfire. 

Retired Staff Announcements

Dan Davis – Instructor

LIUNA member since 1993 and from Local 530 in Zanesville. Dan Davis joined the Instructor staff in November 2014 and retired in December 2023. With his wide range of experience in Demolitions, Asbestos Abatement, Gas Pipeline work, Concrete Cutting/Placing, and Hazardous Waste, and his joyful warmth and personality, Dan was a definite asset to our team. Most of Dan’s time in the field was spent doing Traffic Control Supervision on Ohio’s highways and byways. Dan taught many of the “C” classes and other Flagging/Traffic Control classes and shared the duties of all our Safety classes. Thank you for your service, Dan!

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