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Ohio Governor Commits to 100 Days of Summer Campaign ​

On June 6th, 2024, Governor Dwine introduced his 100 Days of Summer Campaign, an initiative brought into fruition by the continual work of the Ohio Laborers’ Union, Ohio LECET, and their advocate partners. Ohio LECET and the Ohio Laborers’ District Council have been working closely with the Governor on this initiative as they continue to push for speed cameras in active work zones.

The Governor’s campaign will include more troopers monitoring work zones, including motorcycle units, monitoring work zones on the ground, and increasing the use of OSHP’s Aviation Unit to spot dangerous drivers from the air. Law enforcement will target drivers who are speeding, driving impaired, driving distracted, and generally driving recklessly in work zones. Governor Dwine has also requested the Ohio State Highway Patrol to dedicate more resources to patrolling work zones and that troopers maintain zero-tolerance measures for reckless drivers. In his words, “We’re doing this not only to protect road workers, but for the safety of all travelers.”

Linda Cook and Dana King, two of Ohio LECET’s major work zone safety advocate partners who lost loved ones to work zone accidents, spoke at the Governor’s event, encouraging drivers to slow down and drive aware in work zones. Steve Cook, husband of Linda, and Alex King, Dana’s son were both members of the Ohio Laborers’ Union before their untimely passing.

The peak of road construction season coincides with the “100 Deadliest Days of Summer,” which stretches between Memorial Day and Labor Day each year. During this period, fatal crashes usually spike due to increased traffic. In 2023, nearly 400 people died in crashes between the end of May and the beginning of September.

Thank you to Governor Dewine, Linda, Diana, Ohio LECET, and the Ohio Laborers’ District Council for making this initiative happen! As for our members, as always, be safe and aware when working in work zones.

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