Food Service Staff

Jim Wolford

Jim started working at the Training Center on December 8th, 2014. His experience in the kitchen extends over a span of 20 + years which included employment at facilities such as, but not limited to: The Wine Cellar in Columbus, Kenyon University in Gambier, and the Bad Apple in Howard.

Jeanette Nichols

Jeanette working at the Training Center on September 2, 2014. She will be assisting with the preparations of each meal as well as ensuring the salad bar has all of the freshest and tastiest fixings. Make sure to try her infamous potato salad; a secret recipe passed down from generation to generation.

Janeile Bowling

Janeile started working at the Training Center on November 20, 2017. She brings to the staff three years of experience as head cook at a youth Christian summer camp. She also is equipped with a top secret recipe for meatloaf that has been passed on for three generations. Janeile will be helping with preparations.

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