Major Upcoming Building Projects & Their Workforce Demands

Ohio: State of New Innovation

The state of Ohio has become a key destination for corporations seeking to build and expand their operations. This is partly due to Ohio’s large, qualified workforce pool, favorable state tax policies, and recent federal funding and tax incentives promoting infrastructure, energy, innovation, and manufacturing. As a result of these factors, major corporations, including Intel, Ford, Honda, and others, have chosen Ohio to build significant infrastructure investments. In doing so, massive workforce opportunities are being created for union Laborers.    

Intel is the largest and longest-lasting project, with an estimated investment of $20 billion and a potential project employment length of 10 years. Many of these major building projects have legislation promoting union labor and attractive compensation for Laborers’ and other trades. Contractors are still looking for workers as these projects continue to develop and expand.  

The Drexel J. Thrash Training Center is preparing Laborers for this work by offering the skills needed to match the demands of these projects. Having versatile skills and certifications is an asset that increases your chances of making it on the call list for upcoming projects. If you need to update your skills to learn new ones, we encourage you to sign up for some classes listed below. 

Skills Courses for a Major Building Project Laborer:

  • C-3 – Concrete Placement 
  • DC – Decorative Concrete  
  • ES – Excavating Safety & Soil Identification  
  • A-3 – Pipelaying  
  • TC – Underground Construction Tunnel 
  • SU – Scaffolding User
  • B-1 – Mason Tending  

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